19-Jan-2019 : Challenges with e-mobility in India and how Al-air batteries can help
Range anxiety and inadequate charging infrastructure are universal problems that have led to slow adoption of electric vehicles across the globe. Issues of non-availability of raw materials and indigenous manufacturing makes it even more challenging
NOTICE is hereby given that the Ninth ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of the IIT ALUMNI CENTER BENGALURU will be held on SUNDAY the 16th of September 2018 at 10.30 AM at The Koramangala Club, Bangalore as per agenda given below AGENDA 10.30am to 11am ï¿
Kris Gopalakrishnan talks about why he is investing in Brain Sciences
21-Jul-2018 : Let's Talk Startups
Everyone knows about CommonFloor.com, many of us have even used its services extensively. But do you know what went down to make it the brand it is today? Come listen to Sumit Jain, one of the geniuses behind CommonFloor.com and now Co-Founder &
16-Jun-2018 : GDPR - a complete breakdown, on 16th June at the Third Saturday Meet
GDPR is the most wide-spanning regulation covering Data Privacy. It has become effective since May 2018 and will have wide-ranging impacts for global firms dealing with European data. Come, listen to Aina Rao, A Global Financial Services and Risk
19-May-2018 : Indigenous light weight Drones
Drones have made a huge stride in todays world. From surveillance, disaster recovery, agriculture, espionage, delivery and many more, these tiny-weeny objects have caught fancy of one and all. How do we in India stack up?
Join us as Mr. Vikram Gupta gives us a preview of the modalities of IvyCap Ventures as a Venture Capital fund, his India-Israel cross-border initiative, and many such interesting insights into the Indian VC industry and Startup space.
24-Feb-2018 : Special General Body
Second Notice is hereby given to all Members to attend the Special General Body to be held this at Rotary Hall of Friendship, Lavelle Road, Bangalore. Date – 24th February 2018 Timing – 4.45pm to 6pm Venue – Rotary Hall of Friendship, Lave
17-Feb-2018 : Recent Challenges Facing American Universities
The changes in federal policies and practices have brought unprecedented challenges to higher education. Chancellor of Univ. of Massachusetts, Prof. Kumble Subbawamy will summarise the issues and how colleges and universities are coping.
20-Jan-2018 : Blockchain and Crypto Currencies Gold rush of this decade
Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Altcoin, Ripple, Monero, Litecoin, Dogecoin and may be "IITCoin", 2017 has been the year of CryptoCurrencies. From Warren Buffet's predictions, my techie neighbour's enthusiasm to Indian Govt's warnings, CryptoCur
18-Nov-2017 : Causing Incredible Performance
We all strive to give our best at work and in our personal lives. Prof. Balaji will take us through on how we can cause incredible performance
16-Sep-2017 : Overcoming The Hiccups of Building and Scaling a Start-Up
Listen to the Strategic advisor at Fundamentum and Head of HR, BigBasket - T.N.Hari as he shares his experience of taking start-ups across the finish line.
19-Aug-2017 : Grant Funding for startups
Early stage risk capital is needed for hardware / healthcare startups to get off the ground. Grants are a critical step to enable capital intensive research and product development, and several institutions enable startups and ideas. IKP has worked
6-Aug-2017 : IIT Alumni Centre Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2017
Annual General Meeting of Members and Elections to Governing Council. We invite all IIT Alumni to attend, meet other alumni and get to know our plans and programmes.
15-Jul-2017 : Angel Investing Overview by LetsVenture
LetsVenture provides a platform for angel investing. This month's TSMM can help you gain insights into investing in early stage startups. An interactive discussion followed by networking over dinner with fellow IIT Alumni and investors.
17-Jun-2017 : Nurturing & Growing Ventures - Lessons in Entrepreneurship
Rajeev Kuchhal, IIT-Delhi has distilled many learnings from his long and distinguished career which are invaluable for novice, veteran and aspiring entrepreneurs alike. Rajeev will be delighted to share his insights to nurture and grow your venture.
20-May-2017 : Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Internet of Things
Learn from Manish Singhal and Umakant Soni, how these key areas of technology will transform the world and how India can gain from these. Manish and Umakant are both IIT Kanpur alumni and head pi Ventures which is funding companies in these areas.
15-Apr-2017 : Credit Challenges faced by New Age Businesses - What not to do?
Mandeep Chaudhary, IITD 1993 has a diverse career and is an expert on Finance and Bank Credit. Mandeep will share insights for businesses on best practices for credit and what not to do. Promises to be a very useful session for everyone.
18-Feb-2017 : Global Innovation & the India Start up Ecosystem : An IBM Perspective
IBM has an amazing ability to transform and respond to changing technology environments. TSMM this month will help you get a perspective of what the emerging trends look like to IBM as they work with startups and large global enterprises to bring in
21-Jan-2017 : Start-up Policy of Karnataka
Gaurav will share with IIT alumni on how the Start-up Policy can help promote ventures to boost entrepreneurship to create jobs and will touch upon incentives Karnataka Government offers for Startups.
18-Dec-2016 : Team Debate on Demonetisation
4 teams debate for and against Demonetisation with focus on 4 key effects: Black Economy, Corruption, GDP Growth, Rural Economy. We are inviting teams to send in their entries and registrations for the event are also open.
19-Nov-2016 : IITACB TSMM: 19 Nov: RK Misra
IITACB TSMM (Third Saturday Monthly Meeting) is on 19th November (Saturday) at Koramangala Club. RK Misra, IIT Kanpur and Tokyo University alumnus is a Fellow of Harvard Kennedy School of Government and a Global Leadership Fellow of Aspen Institu
17-Sep-2016 : Ajay Bharadwaj on Biotech start-ups
Ajay Bhardwaj graduated from IIT Delhi, went on to complete his Masters from USA and came back in 1985 to join Max India, then joining Biocon before setting up Anthem Biosciences of which he is CEO.
20-Aug-2016 : Seeing a Billion Dollar Journey - TSMM
In our Third Saturday Monthly Meeting, Subrata Mitra from Accell Partner talks about - Seeing a Billion Dollar Journey and shares his experience in seeding and growing ventures.
31-Jul-2016 : Annual General Body Meeting
Notice is hereby given for 6th Annual General Body Meeting to be held at the Sampige Hall, The Koramangala Club on 31st July 2016 from 11am to 1pm. Agenda:- 1. Welcome address by Joint. Secretary 2. President’s address 3.
21-May-2016 : Lalit Mangal, Co-Founder - CommonFloor
Lalit Mangal and partners founded CommonFloor and over many years successfully funded and grew it into a leader in the housing space. They then decided to join Quikr. Lalit will share insights on starting, funding, growing and partnering for success.
30-Apr-2016 : IIT Entrepreneurs Adda - April 30 event - at Matrix Partners Indiranagar
(IITACB supported event) Talk by Amiya Pathak of Zipdial (acquired by Twitter), followed by mixer
16-Apr-2016 : Aneesh Reddy shares about his personal experience with Angel Funding
The event is a part of IIT Alumni Center’s Third Saturday Monthly Meeting organized jointly with Technology Alumni Association, Bangalore. Aneesh graduated from IIT Kharagpur in 2006. In 2008, he founded Capillary Technologies, a Bengaluru-based
16-Mar-2016 : India-US Relationships - Opportunities and challenges for the Corporate Sector
An eminent panel discusses the way ahead for a strong India-US Relationship. This panel discussion is being arranged by Bangalore International Centre in collaboration with IIT Alumni Centre, Bengaluru.
27-Feb-2016 : Entrepreneurs Adda
Forum for IITians interested in entrepreneurship, startups, etc.
21-Feb-2016 : Music Concert to support Light for Education
Classical rendition by Pandit Sudhindra Bhaumick an exponent of Agra Gharana. Special event by IIT Kharagpur Alumni and IIT Alumni Centre to support Light for Education that provides solar lamps in rural areas to enable children to study.
30-Jan-2016 : Entrepreneurs Adda: Join Bengaluru's Hot Startup Scene
Entrepreneurs Adda is a unique and exciting IITians event focused on the Bengaluru Startup Scene. Meet founders, mentors, investors and others interested in startups and listen to experienced entrepreneurs share knowledge and insights.
16-Jan-2016 : 2016 Year Opening Event
Join with family, children and friends for our Opening Event of 2016 which will be fun-filled and entertaining for everyone. We have music, dance and dinner featured on this Saturday evening. Event Co-sponsor: Computer Factory
9-Jan-2016 : Meet Rover and Team Indus: Destination Moon
An exciting evening for IITians and their families. Technology Alumni Association, Bangalore (Alumni Association of IIT Kharagpur) brings you a presentation by Team Indus founded by IIT-D alumni Rahul Narayan and meeting with Rover Moon Spacecraft.
19-Dec-2015 : Transforming IIT-JEE system: a clear road ahead?
Third Saturday Monthly Meeting (TSMM) for December 2015.
21-Nov-2015 : Tech Startups - Scaling & Becoming Fund-Worthy
Learn about ways you can scale your technology venture and increase your chances for funding. Meet founders, mentors, angels, venture funders and other tech professionals and develop new connections and opportunities for your startup ideas.
10-Oct-2015 : Increasing involvement of Local Alumni Chapters with IIT ACB
A number of IITs have their local alumni association chapter in Bengaluru. IIT Alumni Centre Bengaluru (IITACB) sees many opportunities for these chapters and all their members to get more involved with ACB.
19-Sep-2015 : Interesting Learnings from Google Culture
In a unique and exclusive discussion, Anand Rangarajan shares insights into what makes Google tick and how it has become the hub of excellence in technology and information. Learn and exchange ideas about how to create a world-class organization.
15-Aug-2015 : IITians in Nation Building
As we celebrate the 69th anniversary of our independence, we renew the discussion on the role of IITians in nation building. Join an expert panel in debating the increasing role of IITians in development, technology and economic growth.
18-Jul-2015 : Women of Social Change - IITACB Third Saturday Monthly Meeting (TSMM)
IITACB presents July Third Saturday on the theme Women of Social Change. We have two experienced practitioners lined up for the evening, Rohini Nilekani and Shoma Bakre. They would present their respective story followed by Q&A.
20-Jun-2015 : The InMobi Story
The InMobi success story in mobile advertisements, straight from horse's mouth! Abhay Singhal, IITK alumnus, Co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer at InMobi, will be sharing his story in a candid conversation this month. Come and get his insights.
16-May-2015 : Innovating to Create Social Change
Ananthapadmanabhan (IITM) is a trail-blazer and has defined a mission and agenda very different from a lot of us. This is a great opportunity to speak to a fellow-IITian about topics and issues that concern us and which we may want to contribute to.
18-Apr-2015 : Food Business in India
The food business in India is exploding and going through a lot of changes. Ritesh Dwivedy, Founder of online ordering portal JustEat knows this business well and will share his knowledge and experience in an exclusive and interactive discussion.
21-Mar-2015 : The Art and Science of Fund-Raising
Yes, we have another interesting topic lined up for our monthly 3rd Saturday networking-cum-talk series. Meet experts in raising capital and talk to them to know the real deal!
21-Feb-2015 : Recalling B'lore's past to create Bengaluru's future - IITACB 3rd Saturday series event - Feb 21
This month we take up the issue of urban amnesia specific to our city, Bengaluru. We have a speaker known for his work and talks on the subject, Naresh V Narasimhan.
17-Jan-2015 : Year Opening Networking Event
Our first event of 2015 is a Networking Reception which will give all our members a chance to make new friends and explore common interests and opportunities. You will have opportunity to meet some really nice people.
22-Dec-2014 : Interaction with Prof Sudhir Jain, Director, IIT Gandhinagar
Prof Sudhir Jain, Director, IIT Gandhinagar, one of the newer IITs is visiting Bangalore and wishes to interact and exchange thoughts with IIT Alumni. It is a privilege for IIT Alumni Centre to host Prof Sudhir Jain and provide a forum for thought.
20-Dec-2014 : Fun and Frolic! Come and perform!
IITACB continues its monthly 3rd Saturday event series on networking and talk. This month we get into the mood for some fun and frolic!
15-Nov-2014 : Prof Balaram talks on ranking of IITs and other Indian institutions
Why your favourite IIT ranks so low? Or are you surprised how some IITs make it to these lists in the first place? Come listen to the secrets, straight from the horse's mouth!
18-Oct-2014 : Young Entrepreneur’s Dream: Scaling It Up!
Aneesh Reddy, co-founder & CEO of Capillary Technologies, will be sharing his insights with us on living the dream of setting up an enterprise and attaining the mindset to scale it up.
20-Sep-2014 : 3D Printing, a Game Changing Technology
IITACB presents an opportunity for you to engage on a hot topic, Manufacturing and more specifically 3D-Printing. And our speaker this time is IITM alum Dr. Mukesh Agarwala, one of the earliest pioneers in this area. He would also demo it!
23-Aug-2014 : Universalizing Quality Elementary Education, by Ashok Kamath of Akshara and Pratham Books
IITACB presents another opportunity for you to engage on another relevant topic, Elementary Education. And our speaker this time is IITB distinguished alum Ashok Kamath, an active hands-on pioneer in this all-important development domain.
10-Aug-2014 : Annual General Meeting (AGM)
The 4th AGM of the IITACB will formally usher in a new phase of programmes and initiatives of the IITACB with an ambitious agenda and outlay. Elections for office bearers will be conducted and a new Governing Council instituted.
19-Jul-2014 : July 2014 3rd Saturday: Conquering the Chaos, by Ravi Venkatesan
The evening will feature an eminent personality Ravi Venkatesan who besides being very well known in Indian business circles is author of the book "Conquering the Chaos: Win in India, Win Everywhere".
21-Jun-2014 : June 2014, Monthly 3rd Saturday: Social Get Together
We are back with our monthly event., the Social Get Together on 3rd Saturdays. Do join us with your family and bring your IITian friends along.
17-May-2014 : IITACB Monthly 3rd Saturday SGT : IIT in every state?
IIT Alumni Centre, Bengaluru (IITACB) is back with its monthly 3rd Saturday social get togethers. This time we will not only have some yummy food and inviting drinks, we will also have food for thought! Our president Prof Ashok Misra would be leading
16-Feb-2014 : NO Bull! No Crap! Just Real Politics!!
Speakers: Aam Aadmi Party - Prithvi Reddy (Founder, AAP Bangalore, & Member, National Executive, AAP) Navbharat Party - RK Misra (Founder, Navbharat, & an alumnus of IIT Kanpur) Lok Satta - Ashwin Mahesh (candidate for last Assembly elections)
8-Jan-2014 : Talk and Interactive Session with Prof. A. Paulraj on High Technology and India's imperatives
Topic for the evening: High Technology for Mass Market. Prof. Arogyaswami Paulraj is a Distinguished Alumnus of IIT Delhi, Professor (Emeritus), Dept. of Elect. Engg., Stanford University. The lecture will be interactive and very interesting.
22-Sep-2013 : Talk by Shri Manohar Parrikar : September 22, 2013
IIT Alumni Club Bangalore is proud to have Goa Chief Minister Shri Manohar Parrikar with us for a talk on September 22, 2013 at Bangalore International Centre, Domlur, Bangalore.
10-Mar-2013 : Shape Your Future - Sunday, March 10, 2013
The IIT Alumni Club Bangalore will host key members of B.PAC for an invigorating discussion on what B.PAC is all about and how they intend to Walk their Talk
27-Jan-2013 : Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia on Flute - Sunday, Jan 27th
The IIT Alumni Club, Bangalore is proud to present a scintillating concert by the maestro of flute - Padma Vibhushan, Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia.
29-Sep-2012 : Networking Series: How does the next 6 months look for Indian business? Where do we go from here?
Our networking series enables us to meet other IIT Alumni, make new friends and exchange thoughts. We meet informally, network and build rapport and discuss a topic of our interest over refreshments and short eats.
26-Aug-2012 : Annual General Meeting 2012
2nd Annual General Meeting of all members to take stock of past years work activity, reports by the President, Secretary, Treasure and Auditors and detailing of future plans.
11-Aug-2012 : Unity in Concert : Music Performance : Aash - The Bird Spirit
A love story told to world music where you will be a part of it. International band of musicians. Featuring Jazz, Rock, Funk, Pop, Reggae, Kirwani, Malkauns, Pahadi, Bhairavi, Charukeshi.
23-Jun-2012 : Evening of Ragas by Shrinivas Joshi
Enjoy a unique evening of ragas and soul stirring music by Shrinivas Joshi, an IIT-Delhi alumnus and son of Bharat Ratna Bhimsen Joshi. This evening is specially organised for IIT and IISc Alumni and will be preceded by a high tea.
19-May-2012 : Talk Series: Justic Santosh Hegde on Corruption
Justice Santosh Hegde (member, Team Anna, ex-Lokayukta of Karnataka, and a former Judge of the Supreme Court) will speak on Corruption - something that is currently agitating most of us, especially with so many scams going around.
14-Apr-2012 : Talk Series - SV Divvakar Author of Winner’s Price
SV Divvakar, IIT Delhi Alumnus, successful entrepreneur and author of Winner's Price, a best-selling book with a storyline inspired by the IITs will talk about his book, read excerpts and answer questions.
13-Mar-2012 : SmallTalk at Infosys
Our SmallTalk series aims at addressing groups of IIT alumni at different companies in the city to explain our programmes and bring them into our community at the Club. Infosys is the first in this series.
25-Feb-2012 : Talk Series: Transit Oriented Development for Bangalore
A topic close to the heart of everyone who commutes in Bangalore! Mr. N Sivasailam (Managing Director, BMRCL / Namma Metro), in a session chaired by Prof. SL Dhingra, Emeritus Fellow, IIT Bombay
29-Jan-2012 : Talk Series: Can Social innovations and Technology innovations leverage off one another?
Innovation is at the heart of what many of us do. While we pursue different callings, we also look at the social aspect of life. Speakers: Dr. Desh Deshpande (IIT-M) and Prof. Bhaskar Ramamurthi (IIT-M), Director, IIT Madras.
3-Dec-2011 : Talk Series Program : Kanwal Rekhi in conversation with a young entrepreneur
In a conversation with a young entrepreneur we will have the opportunity to listen to a very successful entrepreneur who is also an IITian. Kanwal Rekhi graduated from IIT Bombay and is a successful entrepreneur and venture capitalist.
1-Oct-2011 : Talk Series Program - The Future of IITs
Panel of 4 former IIT Directors (Prof. Ashok Misra, Prof. MS Ananth, Prof. R. Natarajan and Prof. VS Raju) are in this discussion, which is being moderated by Ashok Kamath (IITB 1979, Head of the Akshara Foundation).
24-Jul-0000 : Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2011
The AGM is for all members to discuss further plans about the Club. Committee members will be present to answer your questions.
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